Friday, 10 May 2013

Open House Afternoons - 2008

Open House Afternoon at Village Hall

Commenced 11th January 2008 -2.30-4pm

Last held in November 2008 – discontinued due to lack of support
We have been thinking of providing a venue for locals to have a get-together and a chat over a cuppa and the Committee were wondering if anyone was interested in hosting regular (possibly monthly) open-house events at the Hall as a meeting place and get to know you afternoons?
The tea/coffee/biscuits would be provided by the Hall Committee so all you would have to do is come along and make your brew and have a chat.  These would be informal ‘drop in’ sessions.
If people wish to support them then they could be improved upon and expanded.  As with everything, if people do not join in it will not work – so why not use these sessions as a venue to get to know some more locals!
(If there is a demand for specialised afternoons (knitting, games etc) – just let us know.)
The first one was held on Friday 11th January at 2.30pm and we were delighted to have ten people present – especially as the weather had been so bad and there was so much illness around.
The time and day seemed to suit everyone so the next get-together was arranged for Friday 8th February.  This time we were up to 18 people so we must be doing something right!
In March the Open House was on Friday 7th and was a special St David’s Day event with a free bowl of cawl for everyone.  The cawl was kindly provided by Audrey James and Ruth Webb, with the Hall being brightly decorated with daffodils and flags by Sue James.
We were a slightly smaller group this time – due to others having commitments, but everyone enjoyed a good chat.
In April we met on 4th.  Seven of us gathered for a chat and later on some looked at the Village Website and the photographs of Crunwere Church and Audrey & Ronnie Glanville’s Diamond Anniversary party.
On May 3rd we were seven people – on a glorious sunny day.  The first print of the Summer Newsletter was shown and different covers looked at for future issues.
We had no Open House in June owing to the 60th B.B.Q. at the Hall.
On 4th July we had a good get-together – and also welcomed Tony Brinsden who popped in as well.
No Open House in August but the Ludchurch show was in the Hall on 1st so people could call in there instead!
September 5th saw only a few people turn up.
October 3rd – again we only had four people – if this is not better supported it might have to finish.
November 7th - only Sue and Winifred attended – this was a worthwhile idea but as it is so poorly supported we cannot justify continuing it next year.