Friday, 10 May 2013

Diamond Anniversary of Hall - 2008

Llanteg Hall – Diamond Anniversary – 2008

Llanteg Hall held a family B.B.Q. to mark its 60th anniversary this year.  Sunday 8th June was a gloriously hot day and we were delighted that well over 100 people dragged themselves away from the beach or their gardens to join us for a very friendly evening.
The B.B.Q. was done by Andrew Rees of Narberth and prepared by Geraint and Rebecca, with salads and puddings being provided at the Hall by the Committee.  We were entertained by the very fitting music of the Freewheelers – which was very evocative of the 1940s and also not too loud so as to prevent all the reminiscing that was going on.  The Hall was decorated in 1940s fashion and there were some displays of events held at the Hall and the renovations that have taken place over the years.
It was good to see families present who have been connected with the Hall since it first opened with a grand dance on 14th January 1948 and also past Llanteg W.I. members returning to where they had spent so many hours practicing for their concerts and dramas.
A raffle was held, which, along with ‘normal’ prizes, also had novelty items included which replicated the items from the original 1948 raffle which had been:- Goose, Rhode Island Red Cockerel, Pair of Laying Ducks, One Guinea, Dressed Chicken, 2 Pairs of Rabbits (which had been given by Geoffrey James) and 50 Cigarettes.
Chairman of Amroth Community Council, Councillor John James, gave a brief address on the many varied activities that had taken place in the Hall over its 60 year history and also highlighted the fact that the Hall is now probably used more than ever and is the focal point of the village – and long may it continue.