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Meetings 2009

Meeting on 2nd November 2009

Present  Roy James, Sue James, Tony Brinsden, Ruth Webb, Andy Webb
Apologies  Neville Ruff, Madeline Cole, John Lewis-Tunster, Jill Chatwin, Ruth Roberts
Church closure – The offer of the Church organ has been accepted. The Glanville war memorial from the Church will be displayed in the Hall.
100 Club – It was proposed that, in future, the winners’ cheques should be posted as soon as possible after the draws, together with a compliments slip, and a proof of posting be obtained from the Post Office. John already handles the burden of administering the 100 Club, so Andy offered to take on the task of sending out the cheques. Andy drew the following winning numbers during the meeting: No. 35 (Stephen F Vale) £25, No.29 (Roger Harries) £15 and No. 56 (Ronnie Glanville) £10.
Car park fence – Nigel Griffiths, the builder, is hoping to obtain a computer simulation of the proposed wall to replace the current fence. This will show the structure of the wall which includes a curved seat and information board on the inner (car park) side of the wall. It will give Alex Allison from Pembrokeshire County Council a better idea of the appearance of the finished structure, so that he can then decide if it meets the criteria for a grant under the Community Enhancement Scheme.
When the fence is replaced, the paper bank will have to go because we do not want the new wall to be damaged during removal and replacement of the containers. The presence of a paper bank in the village is less important now that newspapers etc can be recycled via the Orange Bag scheme.
Kitchen alterations – Nigel and Dave Griffiths hope to start the first stage of the work (making the new access into the kitchen and resulting modifications to the ladies’ toilet) in the next few weeks. The rest of the work will be done later.
Finance - Andy has analysed the receipts and payments in detail and will present these at the AGM.
Village newsletter – This will go to the printers when the names of the latest 100 Club winners have been added.
Hall tables – These have now been delivered. One was damaged when received but has now been replaced.
Clothing bank – We will not be having a clothing bank in the village. The Trunk Roads Department did not regard the area near the Folly Cross as suitable and Tony stated that the Hall car park is not suitable either.
Fund Raising – Table Top/Car Boot Sale – Saturday 28th November. This will be advertised in the Newsletter and on the village website. Sue will contact Radio Pembrokeshire and will ask Ruth Roberts if she will design a poster that can be displayed around the village and at the Carew Sunday Market.
Forthcoming events in the Hall
Remembrance Sunday – Sunday 8th November. John and Ruth Webb will be in the Hall in the morning.
Carol Service/Tea – Sunday 6th December, 2.30 pm. Joyce Lewis will play the organ for us. Some of the children from Tavernspite School may also contribute. Sue will liaise with Rev. Sarah Geach regarding the service and will ask Committee members if they would please provide food etc in the same way as for the Senior Citizens’ Party in the past.
Council Valuation Office – A letter has been received, stating that the rateable value of the Hall is £2000. In a phone call to the Office, Sue was told that they thought that we should still be entitled to charitable relief.
Dŵr Cymru – After complaints that the water in the Hall sometimes tastes unpleasant, Dŵr Cymru will come on Thursday to take samples for testing.
Letters of thanks – Sue will write to the Badgers and Llanteg Short Mat Bowls Clubs to thank them for their contributions towards the new tables.
Any other business
1) Roy will inquire as to whether we can claim VAT back as the Hall is a registered charity.
2) A car with an out-of-date tax disc had been parked in the Hall car park for three weeks or so. This was reported to the Police who said that it was registered to someone in Llanteg but that, because the car park is private property, they were unable to remove it. The car has now gone.

Meeting held on 8th September 2009
Church closure – Everything has now been cleared from Crunwere Church and the insurance company has inspected it. As yet, there has been no official notification that Crunwere Parish has been passed to the Amroth group, but more information may be available after the Parochial Church Council meeting on 23rd September 2009. Rev. Sarah Geach will continue to look after our parish matters until all the paperwork and accounts have been completed. Crunwere Parish is no longer liable for this year’s quota.
The Glanville war memorial has been removed from the Church and will be put up in the Hall, hopefully before Remembrance Sunday. The pews and some other items have been sold to individuals and it is hoped that the money from these will stay in the Parish. The gardening equipment from the Church has been donated to the Community Association. Most of the items from the Church that were in the Hall have now gone. Mrs Eirwen Davies wishes the organ to be donated to the Hall. The diocesan banner will stay in the Hall and the Mothers’ Union banner has gone to Begelly.
100 Club – Three new members have joined, taking the total to 54. The winners of the draw at the Ludchurch Horticultural and Craft Show on 7th August were: Audrey James (No. 13) £25, Andrew Mason (No. 37) £15, and Badgers Bowls (No. 90) £10. Lynne Jordan won £15 more than a year ago but the cheque had gone astray and had never been cashed. A replacement cheque has now been sent to her.
Car park fence – Nigel and Dave Griffiths are aware of the visibility problems caused by the current fence. They have suggested that a rendered block work wall could be built, with natural stone-faced pillars positioned at intervals along it. There could be a seat and information board on the inner (car park) side of the wall. They will draw up a costed plan which we can submit to Alex Allison from Pembrokeshire County Council, who will then decide if it meets the criteria for a grant under the Community Enhancement Scheme.
Village newsletter –Contributions for the next issue should be sent to Ruth Roberts by 15th October and the Newsletter should be ready for distribution by mid-November.
Hall tables – Members examined two different designs of lightweight folding table: one from Sandler (as used in Amroth Parish Hall), and one from Gopak (used in Whitland Town Hall, Bloomfield Centre in Narberth and in other such venues). Both had the same dimensions and very similar weights. The Sandler table had a better appearance but, after only a short time, was already showing signs of damage on the corners of the plastic top. The Gopak table had stood up well to several years of use. It had an aluminium strip around the edge of the table top and the corners were rounded and reinforced with tough plastic. It was therefore agreed that Andy should order 10 Gopak tables (colour Saxon Oak) from the Church Buying Group, (the cheapest supplier that Andy had found on the internet) at a cost of £1017.02, including VAT and delivery. The Badgers Bowls Club has very generously offered to pay £400 towards the cost of these tables and Peter John from Carew has offered to buy and collect all our old large tables for £100. Llanteg Bowls Club will also be approached about the possibility of a contribution. We will keep all the old small tables in the Back Room and have the option of ordering more Gopak tables in the future if we need to.
It was agreed that the stage should be altered by the Badgers Bowls Club as they requested (see Minutes for the meeting held on 7th July 2009).They will make good the appearance of the floor which will be exposed when the front sections of the stage are stacked on to the rear sections. The new lightweight tables will be stored on the stage.
Fund Raising – It was decided that we should hold a Table Top Sale in the Hall on Saturday 28th November from 10 am until 2 pm. The charge will be £5 per table (or £5 for anyone who wishes to sell from their car boot in the car park). Refreshments (tea coffee and mince pies) will be on sale. The proceeds will go to the Hall funds.
Forthcoming events in the Hall
Table Top Sale – Saturday 26th September, 10 am to 2 pm to raise money for the Parish.
Craft Classes – These will begin again on Tuesday 29th September, 10 am-12 noon and 1 pm-3 pm
Llanteg Community Association AGM – Monday 5th October, 7 pm.
Remembrance Sunday – Sunday 8th November. John and Ruth Roberts will be in the Hall in the morning. Rev. Sarah Geach hopes to hold a service in the Hall in the afternoon (time to be arranged).
Table Top Sale – Saturday 28th November, in aid of Hall funds.
Carol Service/Tea – Sunday 6th December, 2.30 pm. Rev. Sarah Geach will conduct the Carol Service. Madeline will approach Paul Rapi (leader of the Greenhill School Orchestra) to ask if any members of the orchestra would like to accompany the carols and provide entertainment during the tea. Some of the children from Tavernspite School may also play the music for one of the carols.
Any other business
Madeline reported that the Llanteg Community Association Walk on Sunday 2nd August was a great success. Kiri Howell (National Park Community Ranger) led the walk through Factory Woods to Amroth. She has been asked if she will do another walk, perhaps in the spring.

Meeting held on 7th July 2009
Present - Sue James, Neville Ruff, Tony Brinsden, Jill Chatwin, Ruth Webb, Andy Webb
Apologies - Roy James, Madeline Cole, Ruth Roberts, John Lewis-Tunster
The minutes of the last meeting were read and confirmed.
Neville Ruff was welcomed to the Committee as the new representative for the Badgers Bowls Club.
Matters arising:
Church closure – The Parish of Crunwere will now be joined with Amroth. The Bishop has not yet decided which artefacts from Crunwere Church will stay in the Hall and which will go to other churches.
100 Club –The first draw of 2009/10 was carried out by Maureen Ebsworth at the Llanteg History Society meeting on 16th June. The winners were: Darren James (No. 3), £25, Eileen Hewitt (No. 20), £15 and Ruth Webb (No. 10), £10. The next draw will be done at the Ludchurch Horticultural and Craft Show on 7th August.
Village website – Ruth Roberts has had to renew the domain name for two more years at a cost of £6.88.
Internet – The contract with BT has now been terminated.
Car park fence – Sue and Roy will get some quotes for the next meeting. Neville will ask the Griffiths to quote for building a wall no higher than one metre, to include an information board explaining the history of the village. The possibility of using stone from the church has been suggested but, even if this could be arranged, it would be unlikely to be feasible in the near future.
Kitchen alterations – The Griffiths are busy for at least the next five weeks. Neville will ask them to ensure that the kitchen alterations are completed by Christmas because our grant expires at the end of March.
Financial situation – The HSBC bank statements are now coming to Andy and the internet access is working well.
Village newsletter – Nothing to report.
Electrical work and window repairs – Mr Brace has now done the electrical work but we have not yet had the bill for this. He will now give us a price for fitting an emergency light in the Back Room and one on the outside of the outer door to that room. Gareth Edwards has reglazed the three opening window units in the Main Hall and has replaced the locks and hinges on them so they will now all open.
Hall tables – The tables in Amroth Parish Hall are 183 x 76 cm and cost £69 + VAT each from a company called Sandler. A moveable carrier for 10 tables costs £215 and delivery for this and 10 tables would be about £150 + VAT. Tony reported that the Consortium price for the Gopak tables is £133 each. Neville said that the Badgers Bowls Club would be prepared to help with the purchase of new tables if, by disposing of the old ones, the stage would be cleared. This would enable them to remove the portable first 3 ft of the stage and stack these sections on the back of the stage in order to give them more room when playing. Neville will discuss the sum of money with the club and will ask Llanteg Bowls Club if they would be prepared to do the same. All present thanked him for this kind offer. Neville suggested that it might be possible to sell the old tables via Russell’s auction at Carew and will ask Russell about this. It was hoped that the table replacement could be in progress by September.
Rental invoices – Hall hirers all seem to be happy with the new charges.
Clothing bank – Nothing to report.
Energy costs – British Gas’s electricity charges were higher than expected, so Roy has negotiated a rate of 9.89p/unit from Swalec, with a quarterly charge of £7.94. It would be cheaper if we paid by Direct Debit.
Fund Raising
a) Jill suggested that, as the Hall is a charity, we could raise money for it when shopping on-line. This is done by first going to and then following the links from there to 600 or so sites including Amazon, M&S and John Lewis. Each purchase made in this way generates a cashback donation to the cause that you wish to support. For anyone interested in supporting the Hall in this way, details will be given in the next Newsletter and Ruth Roberts will be asked if she will post them on the website.
b) Perhaps we could hold a table top sale in the Hall in the autumn/winter.
Forthcoming events
Village walk – Sunday 2nd August. Kiri Howell (National Park Community Ranger) will lead a village walk for us, starting from the Old School Garden at 11am. We will then walk to Amroth and will leave the Amroth Arms for the return journey at 2pm. People will be able to walk the whole route or just part of it if they wish. Jill has given Ruth Roberts the details for the newspapers.
Ludchurch Horticultural and Craft Show - 7th August. This includes competitions for children and further information is available from Eve Cornthwaite (01834 831242)
Family Day – Saturday 29th August at the Old School Garden. In the afternoon, children will be involved in outdoor activities, such as how to cook potatoes on barbecues etc. The Marros Co-op may be asked to take part. In the evening, there will be a bring-your-own barbecue.
Carol service – Arrangements for a carol service, possibly combined with tea, will be discussed with the Community Association.
Pembrokeshire Community Hall Forum meeting at Little Newcastle Village Hall on 8th September from 7-9.15pm (refreshments at 6.30pm). This is a free event organised by PAVS, covering energy efficiency, fire risk assessments, the Steps Project (which offers many different courses) and funding.
Minibus Match Scheme – Companies which own minibuses will lend them to communities under this scheme but anyone who drives them must have undergone Midas driver training, which is expensive. It was decided not to join this scheme.
Grant application – Sue had received a reply from Lloyds-TSB saying that they had rejected our application for a grant towards the purchase of new tables for the Hall because our charity falls outside their current guidelines.

Meeting held on 13th May 2009
Present  Roy James, Sue James, Tony Brinsden, Madeline Cole, Ruth Webb, Andy Webb
Apologies  Ruth Roberts, Hazel Wadey, Jill Chatwin, John Lewis-Tunster
The minutes of the last meeting were read and confirmed.
Matters arising:
Church closure – No further information at present. The Church has paid the £48 owed to the Hall.
100 Club – Seven members have dropped out or may do so, but two new people have joined. All the Standing Orders should have gone through and some of the other payments have been received.
Village website – Nothing to report.
Internet – Sue has cancelled the contract with BT for the telephone line and the internet connection, which will take effect after 28th May 2009. The phone line will remain so there will be no re-connection charge if we decide to use the internet again in the future.
Car park fence – Tony has checked with Pembrokeshire County Council’s Planning Department and we would not need planning permission for a wall or fence that was less than one metre high. However, they would like us to send them a letter, saying that we anticipate doing this. Possible options suggested were a stone or concrete block wall or a substantial wooden fence. Roy will get quotes for these, suggesting possible materials. An information board, explaining the history of the village, could also be included. Sue will contact SignSpeed about this. Alex Allison from Pembrokeshire County Council will be approached about the possibility of a grant under the Community Enhancement Scheme.
Kitchen alterations – The Griffiths’ are busy for at least the next six weeks but will start work when they can.
Village newsletter – Copies were handed out for members to distribute.
Electrical work and window repairs – The electrical work should have been done today but the electrician had an emergency and hopes to be able to do it tomorrow. Madeline will open the Hall for Gareth Edwards to repair the windows.
Hall tables – Ruth Webb and Andy have costed tables with laminate tops (2’3’’ x 6’) and folding aluminium legs. The cheapest price that they could find was on the Gopak website - £82.23/table, with free delivery. Amroth Parish Hall will let Sue know how much they paid for their tables and Tony will check with the Consortium for prices. It was agreed that we should investigate sources of funding for these.
Rental invoices – No complaints have been received about the increased charges. The rental for the bowls clubs and the Mothers’ Union remains the same as before.
Clothing bank – Tony has not yet been able to set up a meeting with Paul Watkins from Pembrokeshire County Council.
Forthcoming events
Mothers’ Union – 23rd May, 3 pm. Fund-raising event for “Send a Cow”.
Ludchurch Horticultural and Craft Show - 7th August. This includes competitions for children and further information is available from Eve Cornthwaite (01834 831242)
Roy and Eileen Deverell have sent a card to thank us for the gifts. Their move to Weymouth went well and they are settling in near their family.
Any other business
Llanteg Community Association – Madeline reported that the Easter Workshops went very well and were attended by about 25 children.
Village walk – Kiri Howell (National Park Community Ranger) will arrange a village walk for us on the afternoon of Sunday 2nd August. The route has yet to be decided and Kiri will discuss this with Ruth Roberts. It may possibly include Trelissey, Amroth and back up through Colby. Planed will be asked to help with publicity.
Family Day – This will be held on Saturday 29th August at the Old School Garden. In the afternoon, children will be involved in outdoor activities, such as how to cook potatoes on barbecues etc. The Marros Co-op may be asked to take part. In the evening, there will be a bring-your-own barbecue.
Fund raising – Suggestions made were a car boot sale in the autumn and/or a concert in the Hall. Members were asked to think of ideas for the next meeting.

Meeting held on 6th April 2009
Present  Hazel Wadey, Ruth Roberts, Roy James, Sue James, Ruth Webb, Andy Webb, Tony Brinsden, Jill Chatwin, John Lewis-Tunster, Madeline Cole
Apologies Wendy Jones, Arwyn Owen, Ann Newman
Roy, Sue and Madeline had presented Roy and Eileen Deverell with some wine and a brass plaque engraved with a picture of the Village Hall and words of thanks for Roy’s hard work and support over the past 25 years. Their son has thanked us on their behalf because, at the moment, Roy and Eileen do not yet have a telephone/internet line in their new home in Weymouth.
The minutes of the last meeting were read and confirmed.
Matters arising:
Church closure – As yet, there was nothing more to report. There may be more information after the Annual Vestry Meeting for Crunwere on 29th April. Crunwere’s quota (up to December 2009) is just under £2900. Crunwere currently owes £185 to each of the other two parishes in the benefice.
100 Club – The figures for the 2nd and 3rd prizes for the final draw for 2008/9 were £18 (Judith Lloyd, No. 34) and £15 (Richard Tunster, No. 41). The 100 Club raised £636 of which £318 can now be transferred into the Village Hall account. Currently, 36/53 members pay by standing order and John is trying to get as many people as possible to do this, or to pay by cheque.
Village website – The site has now had more than 12000 hits. Bancyfelin have asked Jonathan Roberts to update their village website and want it to look just like ours. Jonathan will ensure that it does not look exactly the same!
Internet – Our one-year contract with BT has now finished. BT said that our quarterly rental/internet package could now be reduced from £98 to £84.45 but this is still too high for the use that is made of it so it was agreed that the contract should now be cancelled. If and when we want to re-connect, there may well be a better deal available.
Car park fence – The replacement fence/wall needs to be lower in order to improve visibility when driving out of the car park. Alex Allison from Pembrokeshire County Council will visit the site to see if we could get a grant for the replacement wall/fence under the Community Enhancement Scheme so we need to get costings for this. The project could also include some landscaping and possibly an information board, explaining the history of the village. Members were asked to suggest ideas at the next meeting.
Kitchen alterations –PAVS has awarded us a grant for the alterations, to be spent within 12 months. It was agreed that we should accept the quote submitted by the Griffiths’ and dated 22nd April 2008. Sue will check that this price still stands. We could perhaps apply next year for a grant to upgrade the kitchen units.
Financial situation – The balance in the Alliance and Leicester and HSBC accounts were as stated in the minutes of the meeting for 2nd March 2009. Andy has the appropriate documents from HSBC so that he can become a signatory on the account and once this has happened, he will start to receive regular bank statements. The interest on a deposit account at HSBC would be 0.16% compared with 0.65% which is being paid currently on our Alliance and Leicester account, so it was agreed that we should continue with this.
Village newsletter – The deadline for contributions for the next issue is 15th April but Ruth Roberts will extend this to the end of April if the Reverend Geach thinks that there will be anything to report on the Church after the Annual Vestry Meeting for Crunwere (29th April).
Electrical work and window repairs – No progress.
Hall tables – Ruth Webb and Andy had visited Red Roses Hall to look at their folding tables. These are 6ft x 2ft 6ins but have heavy MDF tops and the folding legs are also heavy (steel). It was agreed that we should research the cost of much lighter weight tables such as those with plastic tops and aluminium folding legs. Tony will fin d out how much the Consortium charges and Ruth Webb will contact John Long (Llanelli), the company who supplied the tables for Red Roses Hall.
Hall charges – There are big differences in both the rates and the ways in which village halls in the area implement their charges. After obtaining information from Tavernspite, Penally, Red Roses and Amroth Halls, it was agreed that our new rental charges should be as follows. The old figures are in brackets.

Main Hall
Morning or Afternoon
£12 (£10)
Main Hall
£15* (£12)
Main Hall
All Day
£25 (£20)
Main Hall & Conference Rooms
Morning or Afternoon
£20 (£18)
Main Hall & Conference Rooms
£25 (£20)
Main Hall & Conference Rooms
All Day
£40 (£30)
Conference Room 1
Morning or Afternoon
£8** (£6)
Conference Room 1
£8 (£6)
Conference Room 1
All Day
£14 (£12)
Conference Room 2
Morning or Afternoon
£8 (£6)
Conference Room 2
£8 (£6)
Conference Room 2
All Day
£14 (£12)
Conference Rooms 1 & 2
Morning or Afternoon
£15 (£10)
Conference Rooms 1 & 2
£14 (£12)
Conference Rooms 1 & 2
All Day
£20 (£15)
Children's Parties
£20 (£15)
* Charges for bowls clubs will remain at £12.
** Charge for Mothers’ Union will remain at £6
In 2005, the Hall running costs were about £30/week and in 2008, because of increased energy costs, they were £63/week. We should investigate alternative electricity suppliers.
Forthcoming events
Mothers’ Union – 23rd May, 3 pm. Fund-raising event for “Send a Cow”.
Members were asked to think of ideas for autumn events by the next meeting.
1) Craft Classes – These will continue for the Summer Term (8 weeks).
2) Non-domestic rate relief – The Hall is still zero rated.
3) Local Development Plan – Views on this are being sought in a public consultation between 25th March and 6th May 2009.
4) Planed – Planed will be holding a nature day at Stackpole on Saturday 25th April 2009.
Any other business
Nerys Evans AM - She held a surgery in the Hall between 6 pm and 7 pm on Thursday 19th March.
Clothing bank – A request has been made for there to be a clothing bank in Llanteg. One suggestion was that it should be located in the Hall car park. There was general agreement that this is unsuitable for several reasons. It is too small to accommodate anything more than the current paper bank, the overhead lines present problems for lorries when loading or unloading large containers, and concerns were expressed about more heavy lorry movements over the septic tank which is under the car park. Tony has suggested the Folly Cross and will arrange a meeting with Paul Watkins at the Folly Cross.
Possible change of day for the Badgers Bowls Club – Hazel asked if it would be possible, in principle, to use the Hall on Wednesday evenings in the summer and Tuesdays and Fridays in the autumn and winter. She will consult with the club members and will report back.

Meeting held on 2nd March 2009
Roy James began the meeting by thanking Roy Deverell, who has been a member of the Committee for the past 25 years, for all his hard work and support. Members of the Committee wished him and Eileen well for their imminent house move. Roy James also welcomed Andy as the new treasurer. .
100 Club –The figures for the 2nd and 3rd prizes in the final draw for 2008/9 are not yet available.
Village website – Ruth Roberts has had a problem with individuals attempting to put obscene material on to the message board using unauthorised code names. This problem has now been solved; from now on, no new member will be able to access the message board unless they have e-mailed Ruth first.
Internet –as so seldom used and because of the cost it was agreed that we withdraw both facilities (phoneline and broadband), subject to contractual details. Both could be reinstated if and when computer classes start again.
Car park fence – The Trunk Roads Agency have said that the fence is the Committee’s responsibility. Sue will contact Pembrokeshire County Council about the possibility of a grant to provide a crash barrier to replace the current rotten fence. This would provide better protection and visibility than the fence.
Kitchen alterations –PAVS will make a decision by the 19th March regarding our application for a grant for kitchen alterations and Pembrokeshire County Council will also be approached about the possibility of a grant.
Village newsletter – Contributions for the next issue are coming in. The deadline for these is 15th April. Ruth Roberts is contacting existing and potential advertisers for this issue.
Hall tables –Amroth Parish Hall and various other local halls have folding tables with aluminium legs. Members will try to find out where these were purchased.
Rental Charges - Amroth Parish Hall’s charges are a little higher than ours. When we know how much Red Roses and Tavernspite Hall charge we will increase ours to bring them in line with the other Halls. It should be possible to revise the charges before the Badgers Bowls Club AGM at the end of April.
Carpet cleaning – The carpet in the main Hall has now been cleaned.
Request for chairs for Tenby Choir – Tenby Choir has a refurbished room for which they need about 30 chairs. Calvin Williams, a member of the Choir, has asked if we have any surplus chairs and, if so, would we consider giving them to the Choir in exchange for the Choir performing a concert in the Hall free of charge. The Hall is licensed to hold 150 people and we have a total of just over 130 chairs so if we decide to hold a concert or other large fund raising event in the future, we might well need them all. It was decided that Tenby Choir be thanked for their kind offer but, unfortunately, it would not be in the interests of the Hall to accept it. However, it was agreed that we should ask Tenby Choir how much they would charge to perform in the Hall (not involving chairs!), perhaps later this year.

Treasurer’s Report
Wendy Jones had produced a Statement of Accounts for the year ending 31st October 2008.
Rental - The Village Hall rental showed a significant increase on that for last year. We must continue to promote the hiring out of the Hall to ensure that this trend continues. Wendy said that it is encouraging that the Hall is being used as a major meeting place for people both from Llanteg and elsewhere, for various groups and organisations and for private functions.
Donations -We have had donations of £20 this year: £15 from the Badgers Short Mat Bowls Club towards our Senior Citizens’ Christmas Party and £5 for the hire of some drinking glasses.
Expenses – There has been a small increase in our general overall costs this year.
100 Club – This has now been running for 5½ years and John Lewis-Tunster deals with all the monies and administration. This year, £278.00 has been transferred to the Village Hall account compared with £210.10 last year. Wendy congratulated all who had won during the past year.
BT Telephone and Broadband – We received a grant for £180 from BT in May 2007 and have paid £497.56 in this financial year for the telephone rental and broadband connection. These facilities were used for the Pembrokeshire County Council computer classes which were held in the Hall and for which we received an income of £300 during this financial year.
Hall Activities – This financial year, the celebrations for the 60th Anniversary of the Village Hall and the Senior Citizens’ Christmas Party were enjoyed by all. The aim was to give something back to the people of Llanteg and the surrounding areas. We did not intend to make a profit and felt that we had enough funds to thank people, young and old.
Newsletters – Wendy thanked Ruth Roberts for the newsletters that are compiled and printed so professionally. These have contributed towards the continued use of the Hall and have made people more aware of the services and amenities available in the community and beyond. Printing the newsletters this year cost £247. We received £95 from advertising, so the net cost to us was £152.
Wendy said what a pleasure it was to see the Hall in its present state, newly decorated and with new tables and chairs and being used by so many and varied groups. She hoped that the Hall will continue to go from strength to strength. Wendy felt that she should step down as Treasurer but is very willing to help the new Treasurer in any way that she can. She would also like to remain on the Committee. Finally, she said that she would like to put on record that it has been a great pleasure and privilege to serve the Hall for the past 14 years.
100 Club Report
John Lewis-Tunster presented his report. There are now 50 members in the Club. If they all renew their membership, this will bring in £600. John stated that he will be standing down from running the 100 Club after April 2009 but will continue to support the Hall and will attend Committee meetings when he can.
Chairman’s Report
Roy began by wishing Roy Deverell a Happy Birthday for today.
He thanked our Treasurer for her report and all her hard work over the past 14 years and thanks were expressed to Sue for all the hard work that she does as Secretary. It has been particularly difficult for her this year, negotiating to ensure that the many different users of the Hall were accommodated appropriately.
In addition, Roy thanked Ruth Webb as the Minutes Secretary and Ruth Roberts, our Publicity Officer, for all her fine work and good ideas. The exceptional work that she has put into the village website and newsletter has made them an inspiration to other communities and she has given advice to others on how to set these up for themselves.
Roy then thanked John Lewis-Tunster for his report on the 100 Club and for ensuring that this important source of income continues to flourish. As John will no longer be running the 100 Club after April, Roy thanked him for all his past efforts and hoped that he will remain on the Committee.
The Treasurer’s Report showed that we have had a good year, with income up on the previous year. Val Rushton’s rental has provided a lot of money for the Hall but she will soon be moving to Carmarthen and will then use the Hall for only two sessions per week. Costs have risen, especially for fuel oil and electricity, and our charges have remained unchanged for some years, so perhaps we should review them at our next Committee Meeting. We will have to consider the rental prices of neighbouring village halls such as Red Roses and Amroth because we neither want to lose customers nor enter into a price war. We must continue to promote the use of the Hall in order to finance the improvements that we wish to make to the structure and facilities. These will make the Hall more attractive to a wider audience.
As a committee we have to be much more aware of legislation than in the past and this is an ever-increasing part of the Secretary’s work. We must assess the risks as best we can and cover them accordingly.
The Drop-In sessions started in January 2008 and were well-supported at first but then tailed off towards the end of the year. The Senior Citizens’ Christmas Party was also less well-attended this year, so perhaps the format of both activities needs to be changed.
The Hall has been used for many different activities this year including craft courses, Community Council meetings, local authority elections, a planning appeal tribunal, Irish dancing classes and band practice (Goths), each of which brought their own particular challenges. However, the Hall could not survive without reliable and faithful support and Roy thanked the Llanteg and Badgers Short Mat Bowls Clubs, the History Society and Mothers’ Union for their continuing support.
Sadly, Church services will no longer be held in the Hall due to a decline in the congregation numbers, but the Hall will always be available if the Church wishes to use it in the future.
Roy finished by expressed his appreciation for all the Committee’s efforts over the past year.
Election of Committee
The following Officers were elected:
Chairman – Roy James
Secretary – Sue James
Treasurer – to be appointed
Ruth Roberts agreed to continue as Publicity Officer, running the village website and compiling the Newsletter.
Ruth Webb agreed to continue as Minutes Secretary.

Committee Meeting - 26th January 2009
Church closure – The Church in Wales has not yet decided what to do with the Church. The Parochial Church Council (PCC) has decided that the Sunday services will no longer be held in Llanteg Village Hall because they were not very well attended. The Monday morning prayer will continue to be held at 9am at least until Easter. A letter has been sent to the Bishop, requesting that the PCC in Begelly take over the maintenance of the churchyard as, without a church, we will not have a PCC in our own right. Some of the Begelly Mothers’ Union members have already joined Llanteg at the Hall and they are hoping that they can continue to meet in Llanteg.
100 Club –There are now 50 members. The winners of the December 2008 draw were: Rila Bonnet (No. 39) £25, Charlotte Furneaux (No. 52) £15 and Judith Lloyd (No. 34) £10. The 5th and 6th draws for 2008/9 were carried out and the winners were: 5th Draw – Rob Chatwin (No. 66) £25, Badgers Short Mat Bowls (No. 90) £15 and Eirwen Davies (No. 17) £10; 6th Draw – Stephen Vale (No. 35) £25, Judith Lloyd (No. 34) amount to be decided and Richard Tunster (No. 41) amount to be decided.
Village website – From 2008, we have had to pay for our own website hosting as Jonathan Roberts no longer had his own site to run it from. The name rental for three years was about £18, plus £58 for two years of web hosting. However, we were able to get the hosting for half price (just over £28) as we are a registered charity. Hence, we now have our charity number prominently shown on the website. The cost works out at about £1.70/month. The site gets plenty of visitors. The Amroth Newsletter is on there and that alone has had 75 views. The website is usually updated a few times a week and the only time it was unavailable was when we changed servers.
Internet –The phone line/internet link currently costs £98/quarter which we cannot really afford. Our one-year contract with BT has now finished so we must see if we can get a cheaper phone rental/internet package. There are no computer classes now, so we need find out how much use is being made of the facility. John has put a new computer desk in the room and has disposed of the old printers.
Car park fence – It was suggested that this could be replaced with a crash barrier. Sue will investigate the possibility of getting a grant for this and, at the next Amroth Community Council meeting, Madeline will ask if it might be possible for them to help to fund this. Tony felt that the Community Council would probably be unable to help as this comes under the Trunk Roads.
Kitchen alterations – Sue has received the revised quotation and will apply to the Pembrokeshire Impact Fund for the maximum grant and it may also be possible to obtain a grant from Pembrokeshire County Council.
Village newsletter – We almost covered our costs in 2008 as we had £115 from advertising and a donation of £100 from Amroth Community Council, leaving us to pay the balance of about £30.
Forthcoming events
Carol service and other Christmas events –This year’s carol service was very well supported and it was good to see so many children there. Various possibilities were suggested for next Christmas. These included possibly combining a carol service, a senior citizens’ tea and the launch of the History Society’s new book. Members were asked to think of ideas by the next meeting.
Other Hall events – The problem of encouraging people to come to events in the Hall was discussed. The Drop-In sessions may be tried again and ideas such as a film club were suggested.
Any other business
Hall tables – We had a donation of £15 for some of the very old Hall tables and chairs and the rest went to Frame. The present Hall tables are very heavy and difficult to move. Ruth Webb had some information on folding tables and asked if it might be possible to get a grant to buy about 10 folding tables to replace some of the existing ones. These would be lighter and easier to lift. Madeline and Tony will find out what types of tables have been bought for the new Amroth Parish Hall. Back room – This was opened up as an extra meeting room last summer. After the necessary electrical work has been carried out, perhaps we could repaint it.